Alif Homes

Alif Homes Limited is a fully registered real estate set up by an experienced team within the industry of real estate in Kenya. Our company only deals with one type of property – New property – that we can recommend without hesitation.
We aim to provide affordable housing for Kenyans, as well as bridge the gap in housing needs for the growing population. With two projects up and running in less than a year, you can be sure to expect more from us. We are proud of Alif Homes’ record, creating a personal relationship with our clients, thus making it long-term. To make your investment worthwhile, you need to identify the best sellers of properties in Kenya, who can provide you with the best of their services, to cater to your needs effectively. This is where we pitch in to fill the gap. Alif Homes is focused on building high-quality residential units, with a wide spread of amenities in their developments, including an emphasis on environmental management, thus ensuring high safety standards.

Our team consists of highly skilled real estate agents that have extensive knowledge about the ongoing market
status of the properties in Nairobi and its emerging market trends. We work consistently and we perform our tasks honestly, friendly, flexibly, and patiently, and we are persuasive with our clients. We are confident and self-disciplined, optimistic and constantly striving for excellence.