Rent in Nairobi

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Nairobi, we have available 1,2,3, and 4-bedroom
Our Apartments for rent are located in Parklands. Parklands, Nairobi offers numerous
advantages in terms of residential amenities. The area’s convenient location, availability of
housing options, well-established infrastructure, and access to essential services. This makes it a
highly desirable neighborhood to live in. Whether it is for investment purposes or for raising a
family, Parklands provides a quality living experience.
The location is a place where the crime rates are low. This means one can move from one place
to another easily. Moreover, there is a mode of public transport near the property, making it
possible to access all the valuable amenities and services in the area.
Our properties are accompanied by appliances like a refrigerator and cooker that are of great
standard and quality. This helps reduce unnecessary expenses that would go into purchasing
housing appliances.
Most importantly, our apartments are new. This means that all the housing systems such as
plumbing, and electrical are well functioning and we understand how these resources are
critical to tenants.
Additionally, our apartments have access to luxury activities. These activities include high-end
shopping, and dining areas that are in proximity to our properties. One of the special features is
that the Karura Forest is close by. This means you have great opportunities even as an investor
to pursue recreational activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and picnicking that are
available in the forest.
The most ideal fact is that our properties come with incredible features such as privacy and
security, great architecture, custom design, over-the-top attention to detail, and opulent
finishes. This is accompanied by a variety of incredible amenities. These include a luxury pool,
and outdoor living space, not to mention the latest lifts just to name a few.
Before you start renting your first apartment, why not check out our Skyway and Utopia
apartments for rent in Nairobi, Parklands? We assure you; that they are great.