Apartments for Sale in Nairobi

Nairobi Kenya’s capital has a significant demanding need for Apartments for sale. When it comes to Apartments
for sale, many people look for property that is either for rental purposes or to own. When looking for an
apartment, it is important to factor in one easily accessible to the CBD. This in full refers to the Central Business

Being in a location close to the CBD has the advantage of accessing so many amenities all around Nairobi.
Suitable areas for purchasing Apartments

Additionally, when considering a suitable area for a property, there are additional considerations. This includes
lovely and scenic views, tranquility, and security. One thing that is a major factor in Kenya is having a home with
always available utilities.

Never overlook adequacy in water supply, power backup generators, and great trash disposal. There are many
apartments that ideally look lovely but lack greatly in these aspects. Another area not to overlook is traffic levels.
You want to live in an area where a drive to the CBD takes 10 to 15 minutes long without traffic.

In cases where there is traffic, it is recommended to be in an area where you take about 45 minutes to an hour
long. The significance of this is that ease down in traffic makes commuting and transportation very easy.
Most available Apartment Types

Currently, the most available types of apartments in the Nairobi market are 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. There are
some with more bedrooms but these are the most common. Amongst these who’s locations are Parklands Nairobi,
which includes Skyway which has 1 and 2 bedrooms, and Utopia which has 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Regarding cost, this varies in terms of whether the property is being rented out or bought. Referencing Skyway,
you can own a property starting from Ksh 6.5 million which is about 47788 USD. As for Utopia, you can own a
property starting from Ksh 17 million which is about 124,984 USD.

Upscale areas such as Parklands, Westlands, and Muthaiga are the best areas for owning such properties. Options
for either these apartments coming with or without furniture are also available.

If you are looking to have property, make sure to key in these factors.