buy or rent property

The option to Buy or rent residential property in Parklands comes with great perks to it. Firstly,
Parklands as a location is centrally placed. This makes navigation simpler and easier.
Secondly, it has great facilities that make it a unique area to live in. Amongst these are:

Recreational Facilities
Being in an area that allows you to stroll in a mall where food, clothes, and games are all
packed in the same area is always exciting. Parklands is not an exception. This is because it is
surrounded by a variety of malls, restaurants, supermarkets, and banks. Amongst these
recreational facilities are Diamond Plaza, Two Rivers, Village Market, Westgate, and Sarit

International Healthcare Facilities
Living a healthy lifestyle is important to many people today. Therefore, living nearby facilities
that allow an individual to have access to great healthcare is very beneficial. Parklands is well
inhabited by state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Furthermore, many of them meet the perks
of International Standards. These include Aga Khan Hospital, M.P Shah Hospital, and Avenue
Hospital are all located right in Parklands.

Prime schools and universities
Investment is so much more than property acquisition. It includes also molding and raising a
family. Furthermore, where a family is concerned, children are involved. In our current age,
being in an environment with great schools for a child’s growth is vital. Parklands approved this
need by having some of the best-performing schools in Kenya. They include Oshwal Academy,
Aga Khan Academy, and Aga Khan University.

Now that we’ve assessed the locational value of Parklands, it is equally important to assess its
investment value. The greatest value when you buy or rent property in Parklands is that its
growth rate is high, consistent, and stable.

Having a diverse culture makes it have a continually growing demand for property. Hence, as an
investor, you uncover great a return on investment as well as stable cashflows.

Pursue investing in Parklands by purchasing our properties Utopia and Skyway, which are right
in the heart of Parklands. Commence your journey by contacting us or visiting us today. We
would love to hear from you.