Apartment in Nairobi

Buying an Apartment in Nairobi should be among the easiest tasks to partake in. However, it
should be accompanied with much care and due diligence. Buying an apartment in Nairobi can
be done using reaching out to a real estate firm or property.
If this is the case, it would be important to search it thoroughly. The competency and legality of
a firm can be affirmed by it being registered in government entities such as the County Council
of Kenya or the Estate Agents Registration Board.
Furthermore, where the company is attributed to having partners, identifying the legitimacy of
their partners is equally important. There are other step-to-step guidelines that as an investor
or homeowner one should partake in when purchasing a home.
The first would be a site visit of the home you are looking to buy. This ascertains the existence
of the property, the quality of the property, and its nearness and availability of the amenities.
The second would be receiving a letter from the developers or real estate firm. This document
in most cases contains the terms of payment, the house number, and a copy of the property’s
This therefore leads us to our third step which is searching and inspecting the title. It is
important to ensure the legitimacy of the title. Acquiring this information can be done with the
help of a lawyer.
Soon after this information is confirmed, it is then that a reservation is made. This is done by
depositing the property’s buying price. A receipt is then given by the developers as a
confirmation of receiving the funds.
Afterward, a sales agreement is made whereby the terms and conditions of the sale of property
between you and the developer are laid across. This is normally accompanied by a copy of an
Identification Card, a Kenya Revenue Authority certificate, and a passport photo.
Thereafter payment of closing costs may arise which finally leads to a transfer of the property
from the developer to you. A confirmation of this is usually indicated through a letter of
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