buying off-plan

Over the past decade, the introduction of off-plan properties in the real estate market in Kenya has been rising rapidly.

Like any other decision, buying a home has become a tedious task. Some of the factors influencing the decision-making are Location, price, and accessibility to social amenities.
It is crucial to curate the right points to consider before you invest in a home. Some people buy a home to live in, while others buy them as an investment opportunity. In this article, we will focus on buying a house as an investment.

Off-plan property is a property before a structure has been constructed upon it. Property investors like to purchase in this way with the hope of making substantial capital gains. Below we are going to discuss the benefits of buying a property off-plan and we will also highlight why Alif Homes are the right real estate agent to guide you through your journey.

Off-plan Property is the right Investment

When buying a property as an investment, there are two important factors to consider; high returns on your investment and high capital growth.

Off-plan projects are currently experiencing some of their highest sales levels. Its popularity has been heightened by the ability to negotiate excellent discounts either before the property is built or while it’s under construction. At Alif Homes, we currently have two running Projects; the Tayo Apartments located in Juja B, which is currently in the finishing stages, and The Highridge Towers which has just begun. Potential investors have an opportunity to negotiate the prices of the apartments while they are under construction.

With enough information gathered by investors about the projects, well-reputed investors have found off-plan projects to be incredibly viable investment options.

Purchasing an apartment from an off-plan project ensures that you buy it at a significantly lower price as compared to the market price. Other than that, investors buying more than one apartment receive additional discounts on multiple properties. Alif homes have great discount packages for people buying multiple properties.

Off-plan properties tend to attain strong capital growth. This is mainly due to high house price growths that have influenced the real estate market of late.

One of the strongest advantages of buying an off-plan project is the ability to resell it at a profit before completion. Property value goes up before completion due to the aesthetic feel it exudes. Investors could benefit from more capital growth by tenanting the property and also gaining the benefits of regular rental income.

Finally, there is the concept of small deposits and installment payments. With the Highridge Towers project, investors pay a reservation fee, which is inclusive of the purchasing price, and a 10% down payment for respective apartments.

Visit Alif Homes and get a detailed insight into why Highridge Towers is the perfect investment opportunity for you. There is also an opportunity to be one of the enlightened and delighted owners of an off-plan project.