Your Home

The color of your home reflects much of your personality. It also portrays the kind of mood you
want to set in your home. Sometimes, matching home décor and a color theme can be a
difficult task. Both of these elements significantly pace the image of your home. Therefore, a lot
of effort and care need to be put into consideration when choosing the right color for the
Here are some nicks and tricks that help you pick the right color for your home.

Use lighter colors for small spaces.

Small spaces are ideally narrow and airier. Using bright soft tones of colors such as shades of
white makes the space look more inviting and brighter. These shades may include a subtle
white like butter, cream, or ivory. Other soft-colored tones could be light green or blue. It is
most recommended that for small spaces, avoid deep and dark colors as they make the space
feel and look cramped.

Both the ceiling and walls should have the same color shade
One of the most unique interior techniques when the painting of the ceiling of your room
the same color as your walls. Preferably you can choose a white color or any color of lighter
shades. This technique blurs the lines between the ceiling and the wall to create the illusion
that the space is bigger and taller all at the same time.

Employ color shades that match your surroundings.
Your home can be warm or bright depending upon the color that you choose. Color significantly
helps you portray the feeling you want your home to inhibit. This is why employing tones that
also portray your home’s surrounding is significant. For instance, tones such as a soft yellow or
brown give a natural and organic feel if your environment is amidst nature.

Select tones of color that match your furniture
Furniture is the most significant role in the interior of a home. Therefore, choosing colors that
complement your furniture setup is vital.