Real Estate

The best offer in the Real Estate Market in Nairobi isn’t limited to just price. However, this doesn’t mean that the price
of a home isn’t essentially important. When paying for a home, it is important to lay across to a
seller how much you are willing to pay. A realtor may give a higher or lower amount than
your price. Moreover, both of you may then negotiate further in order to have a good deal that works for
all parties.
An offer for a home always includes some contingencies. A contingency is something that
will allow an offer to be terminated. As a result, some common contingencies enable
offers to be revoked if the buyer does not meet certain requirements. Therefore, an offer
is revoked when someone is in so much debt.

What Buyers look out for in Their Best Offer

For many buyers, a warranty is significantly important for their new home. Even if sellers use a
warranty as enticing bait, it is so important. Furthermore, a warranty gives insurance coverage on a home’s
systems should there be any malfunction or deterioration over time.
Normally there are usually fees and other expenses aside from the price of the house itself.
These are namely, closing costs. Closing costs always come across when a buyer makes an offer
on a house. One of the components of an acceptable offer is that the division of closing costs is
laid out.
The Best offer in Real Estate should offer a good comparable report. This report should feature
homes as close to the one being purchased as possible, with the same number of rooms, similar
sizes, and similar features. Prices for homes should not be too low or too high from what a
buyer offers.
At Alif, we have exceptional offers for stunning projects. Our offers match your budget and are
keen on the real estate market. This way, as an investor or home buyer, you acquire property
that serves you for the long term.

Published by Alif Homes Media | 3rd April 2023