Safety in Parklands

Safety in Parklands is actually very good and even more so in its people and surroundings. In fact, it is one of the best areas one can live in while in Nairobi. With a decent income, you can have a better standard of living than in a Western country. Here is why.

First and foremost, since there is a consistent comfortable temperature all year round, the weather is always lovely. Moreover, there are great places to visit from mountains, grasslands, rainforests, and world-class parks.
If you prefer being outdoors, Parklands has a lot to offer. There is a huge variety of areas where you can see animals and birds. Furthermore, you can get fresh non-gmo vegetable produce for cheap.

Food in restaurants is also a lot cheaper than in most Western countries. Additionally, meat such as chicken beef, and mutton are organic and very flavourful than in most countries. Where you want help in performing house chores, there are great house managers available.

They can make your life a lot easier provided you find treat them well, give them good pay and respect them.
The majority of people in Kenya generally are friendly, down-to-earth, and have good
conservative values. The infrastructure has improved especially the inner roads and even some major highways. They make your commute to work easier throughout.
Security in Parklands

Insecurity in Parklands is a non-issue. There are hardly any racial tensions or alarming, society-
crippling gang culture among the youth. This is unlike areas in places such as the U.S.A or

Additionally, there are barely any major sanctions on the usage of social media. In actuality, like
many other countries, Kenyans are encouraged to execute free speech. This is to a certain
extent except for illegal instances such as inciting tribalism or expressing untrue political views.

Now you have a great understanding of the safety of Parklands, Nairobi.