House title

A House title shows that you legally own the property and when necessary, it can be used to
claim the property. Most Importantly, a house title prevents the sale of a property without consent. This
is because it acknowledges that as the home or property owner, you have full rights over your property.
Here are some of the rights that come with being a property owner.

Rights that come with having a House title

Right of Possession
Just as the title suggests, what this simply means is that you have the right to possess or own the
property. Therefore, legally, you are acknowledged as the owner of your property. Moreover, no one
else has the power to claim ownership or possession of your property other than you.
Right of Control
Being the legal owner of the property means that you also have control over how the property is used.
This encompasses all levels that come with being in a property. For example, necessary renovations,
coming in and coming out of guests, what people live in your property, who rents your property as well
as the amount of income you make off your property.
Right of Enjoyment
Owning property comes with also some fun aspects within it thus the right to enjoyment. What this
essentially means is that legally, you are allowed to enjoy your property however fit you see it. Some of
the ways this can be done is probably having a gathering of family or friends over a celebratory lunch or
dinner. Another way could be through having a party where there is food, music, and dance.
Right of Disposition
When seeking to dispose of a property, the right of disposition grants the power. Therefore, whether
you are looking to sell the property or transfer ownership to someone else, you can. The ultimate power
lies with the property owner.
Understanding these rights ensures that you take the right actions that concern matters of your

Published by Alif Homes Media | 8th March 2023