High net-worth Properties

High net-worth properties in Nairobi are considered luxurious, stunning, and safe. Many of
these residential properties in Nairobi have in-built unique security features. These security
features are what separate such properties from normal-looking ones. In order to secure your
house from unwanted attention and burglary actions, the homes come with smart locks, CCTV
cameras, and safety alarms for fire, floods, or break-ins. Apart from home security systems they
also have strong security at the entrance of the property.

Attributes to High net-worth Properties

Furthermore, high net-worth properties come with a lot of space. Hence they are accompanied
by spacious rooms, open-viewing areas, balcony lawns, and more. In fact, all these home plans
are carefully designed and crafted giving the entire home a spacious-looking modern feel.
These spacious rooms include a spacious kitchen with top-class appliances and utilities. This
means that properties’ high-end kitchens feature double ovens, heating drawers, island sinks,
washers, and more demanding luxurious appliances. All these features are not easily seen in a
typical kitchen.
The residential properties are also designed with open layouts that provide a surreal view of
the surroundings. You get to enjoy stunning skylines or breathe in some fresh air while you
calm your mind as you watch natural forest views. This is with an accommodation of large
windows or doors. Most importantly, the advantage is that your home is infiltrated with so
much Natural light.
A must-have in high net-worth residential properties is that they aim to provide you with a
resort-like life. Hence, many of them come with lavish amenities. Some of these include a gym,
infinity pool, cinema theatres, rooftop terraces, a safe play area for kids, and more.
At Alif Homes, we have prioritized setting our projects, Utopia and Skyway that are in
Parklands, where all these key attributes have been placed. We encourage you to contact us in
you are looking for a home or property that is perfectly placed in a great neighborhood.