House Hunting

When house hunting in Nairobi, there are key takeaway guidelines to partake in. Firstly, is always visiting
the area you are looking to live in both during the day and at night. This helps you check the daily
activities that take place in the area. Key places to check out for measuring the noise levels and Lighting
especially when working from home.
This includes the busyness in the area that could be from construction, schools, churches, and small
When identifying a prospective house, the main things to always look out for are the Kitchen and
bathrooms. A large living room may be a wowing factor, however, the kitchen and bathroom gauge
utilities such as water provision and drainage which are vital for a home. Ensuring the home has a
borehole for water supply in most cases ascertains that the place has enough water supply.
Equally related to water is avoiding homes that are near water bodies. This is because water bodies tend
to be a home for parasites such as mosquitos that can cause deathly illnesses.
Identifying a neighbor and having conversations gives an idea of what it’s like living there. These
conversations allow you to know the majority groups living in the area either by categories such as
educational, professional, or family backgrounds. Additionally, knowledge of issues such as the
availability of security and power supply may arise.
Knowing what you’re looking for and taking the time and browse the internet helps get your
expectations right. However, this should not stop you from keeping your mind open to not having a
specific number of rooms you would like especially because prices vary.
Ensuring house hunting in Nairobi is more of an eventful experience should always be the goal.
Additionally, if you do find a home always read the tenancy agreement carefully or get a specialist to do
it for you before moving in.
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