Houses for Rent

Houses for rent in Nairobi come in different sizes and most often are in distinct locations. This
makes the Real Estate Market have the distinction in prices where upscale market areas wind up
being pricier. Therefore, when looking for houses to rent in Nairobi you must identify the key
element that you cannot forgo for a home.
At Alif Homes, we have listed properties that are available for rent. First and foremost is our
project Skyway located in Parklands. Skyway showcases a fresh perspective on urban design. It
comes in provisions of 1- and 2-bedroom Apartments. These come with the option of renting a
unit either furnished or unfurnished.
The 1-bedroom apartments come in two sizes where one is 500 feet while the other is 668 feet.
This is similar to the 2-bedroom apartments where the ones with DSQ are 1140 feet and the
ones without are 923 feet.
Skyway offers a blend of courtyards in a secure community and spacious layouts. This includes a
vast variety of amenities such as a fitness center, spa and sauna, rooftop terrace and so much
more. This is backed up by constant provisions of borehole water, a backup generator, garbage
collection, and property cleaning and maintenance.
The pricing is affordable especially since the properties are in upscale market areas. The
unfurnished 1-bedroom apartments go for Ksh 80,000 while furnished go for Ksh 100,000. The
unfurnished 2-bedroom apartments go for Ksh 100,000 while furnished go for Ksh 150,000. This
is about 600 to 1000 dollars in rent which is quite fair when compared to all utility provisions,
amenities, and apartment sizes.
Most importantly, they are in a great location that is near the UN offices, Malls such as
Westgate, Sarit Centre, and Village Market, and Hospitals such as M.P Shah and the Aga Khan
University Hospital.
As early as now, you can join our waitlist to reserve a spot and not miss out.