Houses for sale

At Alif Homes, we have houses for sale in Nairobi Parklands. They are a collection of bespoke residences
ranging from 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments.
The 1 and 2-bedroom apartments project’s name is Skyway while the 3 and 4-bedroom apartments
project’s name is Utopia. Both of these projects are located between 5th and 6th Parklands, right along
Githuri Road. The projects provide its residents with day-to-day amenities such as international schools
like Aga Khan Academy, grocery shops, malls such as Westgate, hospitals such as Aga Khan Hospital, and
up-to-date transport links and roads.
House Sizes
The houses for sale come with sizes as high as 103.1 square meters and as low as 46.4 square meters.
Therefore, as a buyer, you will get a wide variety of sizing to work with.
With a budget of as low as Ksh 6.5 million, you can own a stunning 1-bedroom house. Consequently,
with a price as low as Ksh 17 million, you can own a 3-bedroom house. Moreover, we have great and
flexible payment plans to ease financing as well as ready banking partners such as Absa.
Style, culture, and luxury are what define the houses. There is a large paradigm of amenities to immerse
yourself in. They include a heated swimming pool, resident lounges, rooftop terrace, cinema theatre,
gym, fitness center, kid’s play area, office space, and a spa and sauna.
These houses for sale in Nairobi, Parklands come with a pool of fun and necessary apartments. Firstly,
there is a great availability of parking spaces that are level from various basements and on the ground
floors. Secondly, there are lifts available for every floor which ease mobility and movement in the
This also highlights the great power resources within the projects that cater to internal and external
housing needs. In fact, in cases where there may be a power outage in Nairobi, the apartments are
situated with a backup generator thus residents will not be affected.
Additionally, there is a surplus availability of water and great air ventilation.
If these are attributes you are looking to find in a house, we can help you and thus encourage you to
contact us today.