Extra bedroom Nairobi

An extra bedroom adds value to a home across many quarters. Amongst these could be in the
form of functionality, economic and investment value, creativity, and accommodation.
One way the extra bedroom can be functional is when it is designed for the use of more people.
Whenever a homeowner considers purchasing property with extra room, it could be in
preparation for growing their family. Additionally, it could be there so that more family
members, friends, or guests could have their own catered area to dwell in.
Investment value
It pays greatly to invest in a property with more rooms. Properties with additional rooms are
known to have a 15% increase in resale value. Moreover, extra rooms with remarkable square
footage, good architecture, and made of durable construction materials, increase the value of
the entire property.
This means that these properties offer a high return on investment since the extra rooms move
homes to a higher listing price bracket.
Whenever there is more space to work within a home, there are greater chances to create and
play about with multiple possibilities. An extra room can be used for a variety of purposes.
Among these could be turning it into an extra bedroom, home office, a larger bathroom, or
other uses that could be considered in the future.
An extra bedroom may serve as a utility room. This could be for storage of items meant for
sports, music, extra clothing, toys, or shoes. This ensures that you never have to clutter the
spaces that are often trying to enjoy individually or as a family. Moreover, placing shelving units
or cabinets generates high forms of staying organized.
Extra Income
Additionally, an extra bedroom can always be used to make extra income. It may be
recommendable to add a kitchenette and bathroom and eventually work the extra space as a
rental room.
We have projects such as Skyway or Utopia that feature 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments.
These projects have that extra room that will add value to your property here in Nairobi. We
encourage you to contact us today.