Build Equity

Building equity increases the amount of money you have and your home. in your home. This money can
be used now or in the future. Moreover, you can invest equity, build long-term wealth or sell your home
for much more.

Manage Your Mortgage Faster

The more you pay down your mortgage, the more equity you have. And the faster you can pay
it down, the quicker you’ll have that equity.
By making extra payments to your mortgage, you can also save money on total interest paid
over the initial purchase price. The more you pay down, the lower the interest rate

Build Equity through your Home’s Value To Increase

A house can easily appreciate over time. One of the main reasons is that the land that the
property sits on tends to increase in value because the land itself is limited. Additionally,
housing supply and demand, the market value of nearby homes, commercial development, and
larger economic trends can greatly contribute towards the appreciation of a home.
Waiting on the growth of such factors contributes towards your home value where it naturally
increases without you having to work. However, it is important to ensure always that
your property is well maintained and in good condition. Dire outlooks and conditions could
greatly contribute to a decrease in the value of your home.

Sell your home for a profit

When you sell your home, the proceeds from the sale can be used to buy another home. The
more equity you have, the more money you’ll make from your home sale.
We have a combination of projects that will not only build your equity but will also ascertain
your cash flow as consistent, stable, and reliable. Our ongoing projects, Skyway and Utopia are
located in Parklands, along Githuri Road. Get in touch with us and get a detailed description of
how you can own these off-plan properties.