Property management

After purchasing an investment property, the next key decision is the property management aspect.
There are various ways this can be done. One of the options would be to manage yourself or employ a
property manager to help you.
At Alif Homes, we have experience in property management where we see hundreds of rental
applications and are experienced at screening tenants, reference checking, and reviewing rental history
to ensure you receive high-quality tenants.
Avoid unpleasant confrontations
Additionally, we can control unpleasant confrontations that may arise between you and the tenant. We
help deal with problems such as late payments through to damaged property.
If an issue happens with the property, we have ample to address problems at all hours of the
day. Additionally, we have the negotiating power to ensure you get the best price on all maintenance
Most importantly, we know how to keep their tenants happy, and happy tenants are more likely to want
to stay and renew their lease as well as pay their rent on time.
Maintaining a consistent rent collection is the key to receiving rent payments on time. However, where
this may not be so, our experience in property management allows us to enforce lease policies if
payments aren’t received.
This means that there is less stress for you as a homeowner especially since we will manage your
property and do most of the work for you.
By engaging us, you reduce the chance of having a vacant property, therefore lowering your risk of lost
income. There is also a reduced risk of damage with regular inspections and detailed reports to you,
allowing you to keep track of and maintain the property’s condition.
Investment property management in Nairobi by us will keep you abreast of market rentals and your
position on rental increases. Most importantly, we keep your tenants on a current lease giving you
security of tenure.

At Alif Homes, our skill in Investment property management in Nairobi would be suitable for tenants for
your rental. Moreover, we have properties in Parklands for sale and available for ownership. If this is
something that interests you, we encourage you to contact us today.