Property with DSQ in Nairobi

Investment property with DSQ in Nairobi comes with great perks to it. Firstly, it enables you to generate
additional rental income. Being a homeowner allows you to pick and choose your decisions. Therefore,
options could be choosing to rent out the DSQ and making additional income.
Another perk to having a property with a DSQ is that the space can come in handy for useful homely
tasks. Amongst these could be it being a room for a domestic worker such as a nanny, or housekeeper.
Alternatively, the space of a DSQ could work as an additional storage space or multifunctional space. Of
these could be a guest room or home office.
Most importantly, it plays a great role when it comes to the security of a home. This is because it
provides more living areas for security personnel such as a caretaker.
Additionally, properties with a DSQ give property additional value. This is because it is most attractive to
renters or other buyers.
At Alif Homes, we have a variety of investment properties that come with a DSQ. Skyway is a 15-
floor off-plan establishment whose location is Parklands, right along Githuri Road. There is a
visible showhouse within the 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in the project that showcases the
layout and design of the property.
Additionally, we have Utopia Parklands situated by the lush green Karura Forest. The 3- and 4-
bedroom apartments within the project are currently up to 8 levels in ongoing construction. The
showhouse is under preparation and will soon be ready.
If you’re looking for properties with DSQ here in Nairobi, we recommend our projects.
The above benefits of investing in a property with a DSQ in Nairobi help you acquire the right investment
that meets both your investment needs and goals.

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