Modern Apartments in Nairobi

Good modern apartments in Nairobi should enhance your lifestyle without forcing you to make
compromises. The best bet to this is our very own 1 and 2-bedroom Skyway Apartments and 3
and 4-bedroom Utopia Parklands. Here is the reason why.
Our apartments are featured in one of the best locations in Nairobi that is Parklands. This
means that the CBD is readily accessible. In fact, it is only twelve minutes away when driving.
Additionally, when trying to manage a work or school balance, Parklands accommodates your
personal needs and lifestyle. This is because there is availability of many retail and grocery
stores and even public transportation.
In matters of structure, our buildings are deemed to have visually appealing exteriors. We are
ensuring that every house has sound control measures through the use of concrete ceilings and
floors. Moreover, we are ensuring that our homes are spacious and airy. This has been
accomplished by employing large windows and doors that allow sunlight.
Moreover, we offer management provisions. This means that buildings will always be clean and
neat. Additionally, the exteriors will be well maintained which includes well-paved parking
Skyway and Utopia Parklands come with an endless list of amenities. They include a gym, a
heated swimming pool, a spa, rooftop terraces, a golfing area, a cinema theatre, ample parking
areas, a borehole, a backup generator, and a kid’s playing area.
The security systems of the buildings will be well-placed with wide surveillance cameras, well-lit
parking lots, intercoms or buzzer placements, and well-equipped security personnel.
Furthermore, all homes will have safety features that include securely locked entrances.
Our Modern Apartments are well-priced and can be used for investment purposes as well as
home ownership. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today or
visit our office which is in Diamond Plaza II, on the fifth floor.