Apartments for sale

One-bedroom Apartments in Nairobi for sale in Nairobi ideally a great start in real estate
investment. If you are looking to find elegant one-bedroom apartments for sale in Nairobi,
you’ve come to the right place. We have neatly furnished apartments on an open-plan floor
Skyway Parklands Apartments
Our 1-bedroom Apartments are located in Nairobi Parklands. It is safe to say that Parklands is
one of the many high-end areas in Nairobi today. Additionally, it is well-known for numerous
amenities such as international schools, hospitals, and outstanding malls and shopping outlets.
Most importantly, this makes it a highly developed area in terms of infrastructure, growth, and
Our apartments are no different. They are modern, well-designed, spacious, and airy. The living
rooms have quality light fixtures, elegant French doors, and windows that bring in lots of
ambient lighting.
The kitchen spaces have beautiful countertops, accompanied by fixed appliances such as an
oven, and have lots of cabinetry spaces for storage.
The bathroom area is well-sectioned and has quality tiling, showers, sinks, and luxurious bidets.
The houses are exquisitely allocated with gypsum ceilings, downlights, and massive wardrobe
Skyway, 1-Bedroom Apartments, are best for the investment market in Nairobi and which is a
rare real estate opportunity to make money.
Additionally, the modern contemporary designs on our prime apartments greatly add value to
the properties. Value is also heightened by the exclusive surroundings of the tranquil Karura
Forest. This is because the forest views are a rare beauty of nature.
Furthermore, with Skyway, you can expect to have a touch of a large global community as
Parklands is greatly known for this. The area has a large global community that has caused
potential rapid growth in Parklands making it the perfect investment hub.
Finally, our properties offer you profound amenities. They include a state-of-the-art gym, a spa,
a sauna, a cinema theatre, a heated swimming pool, and ample parking space just to name a
If you are looking to own an investment property that is the best of its kind, Skyway is the best
choice. We encourage you to contact us to purchase a unit and own this stunning investment