Properties in Nairobi

Rental Properties in Nairobi are in demand. The demand for properties for sale has been rising.
When looking to invest in property, it is important to pick the property that works for you.

Off-plan | Under Construction Properties

Located in Nairobi County and within Parklands, Skyway is a unique project that will be one of
the most renowned places to live in Kenya. This luxury project is a force to reckon with and
comes in stunning 1 and 2- bedroom units.
Skyway apartments are properties in Nairobi that will be one of the most renounced places to
live in Kenya. Located within Parklands right along Githuri Road, this luxury project comes with
great style and is luxurious.
When purchasing this off-plan property you are offered great payment plans that are often in
installments. This ultimately gives you flexibility in your financial options.
A considerably important fact to note is that at Alif Homes, we have residential real estate
properties in the Parklands. Utopia Parklands is exclusively residential. It is also located right
along Githuri Road between 5th and 6th Avenue in Parklands Nairobi. It comprises beautiful 3
and 4- bedroom units.
Moreover, owning these prime properties has profound amenities such as a state-of-the-art
gym, a spa, and sauna, a heated swimming pool, a kids’ play area, and ample parking space just
to name a few.
Most importantly, these real estate properties offer you luxurious and superior designs where
details are key.
Off-plan real estate properties are less expensive than ready-to-occupy units. Additionally,
there is guaranteed room to even customize the home since construction is progressive.
Furthermore, off-plan property rewards you in demand. All of these properties are brand-new
contemporary apartments. They are unique as they come in great sizes, have good views, and
have good balcony positions. This is a demanding need for you as an investor and for your
tenants as well.