Properties in Nairobi

Properties in Nairobi can be mirrored to prime investment properties due to being
uniquely positioned near the CBD. These kinds of properties are generally high-rise therefore
having unique features such as stunning views of the city skyline.
As a result, investing in these kinds of properties comes with monetary benefits such as higher
rental rates and appreciation potential compared to other kinds of investment properties.
At Alif Homes, we have ongoing projects that offer provision for skyline properties in Nairobi.
One major advantage of investing in skyline properties is their placement or rather their
Higher Property Value: The location of a property is very critical since it influences its value.
When properties are situated in desirable areas such as good school districts, low crime rates,
and proximity to amenities like shopping centers and hospitals often they have higher values
compared to those in less desirable areas. Investing in a property by Alif Homes means that
investing in a prime location can ensure a better resale value and potentially higher returns on
Our projects Utopia and Skyway are both located in the heart of Parklands. In Kenya, Parklands
is known to be in high demand due to its desirable features and amenities. The area therefore
attracts more potential buyers and tenants, making it easier to find suitable occupants for your
Moreover, our apartments have access to luxury activities. These activities include high-end
shopping, and dining areas that are in proximity to our properties. The unique feature within
them that is a key takeaway is that they have views of the Karura forest.
This means you have great opportunities even as an investor to pursue recreational activities
such as walking, jogging, cycling, and picnicking that are available in the forest.
Our properties also come with incredible features such as privacy and security. This makes the
properties on demand. Additionally, great architecture, custom design, over-the-top attention
to detail, and opulent finishes significantly make a property of demand.

The variety of 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments comes with all kinds of incredible amenities.
These include a luxury pool, and outdoor living space, not to mention the latest lifts just to
name a few.
Before you start buying your first rental property, why not look at our outstanding off-plan
properties Skyway and Utopia Parklands?