Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing in 2024 is considered a long-term secure investment year by financial experts in the real estate
sector. This means the year is visibly promising for those looking to make their investments in
the real estate market. Considerably, there are driving factors as to why this is so, especially in
prime locations in Nairobi such as Parklands, Westlands, Kilimani, and Kileleshwa.
Among the driving factors is urbanization which works hand in hand with customer experience.
This is because the focus on these elements is providing an urban lifestyle and availing modern
amenities. Many Kenyans looking to invest in Real Estate or even people across the globe tend
to look at property that allows for convenience, security, and the presence of various facilities.
These facilities could include the availability of hospitals, schools, malls, and great
transportation links. As a result, many developers have offered mixed-used developments that
ensure that properties are near these key features. This means many of them result in
optimizing the use of land, to provide an integrated living and working environment.
Another driving factor that is piloting real estate as an investment in 2024 is the continual local
circumstances. This generally references the different initiatives and policies set by the
government to promote affordable housing and attract foreign investment.
Among the many measures set by the current Kenyan Government is the placement of tax
incentives for developers to reduce the high costs of construction and ensure a streamlined
approval process. Additionally, the government has also established a mortgage refinancing
company. Due to the high growth of middle-class people in Kenya, developers are encouraged
to capitalize on the potential market by providing suitable housing options to this group.
Macroeconomic factors such as a stable political environment and improved infrastructure are
compelling reasons for a visibly promising real estate investing market in 2024. The stability and
growth of both of these elements attract local and foreign investors.
Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to shy off from investing in Real Estate in Kenya this
year. If you possibly have no idea where to start but are looking to invest, contact us today. We
have great investment properties in Parklands, Nairobi that would be perfect for you.