Property pricing in Nairobi

Property pricing in Nairobi varies differently depending on the various location
points. Currently, the top-ranked areas with highly rated Real Estate Properties are Parklands,
Westlands, Kilimani, Lavington, and Kileleshwa.
If you are looking to acquire the greatest value from real estate property, buying a property in
these rising market niches is essential. Property pricing in Nairobi is greatly affected by location.
Let’s say you are seeking to acquire property in an area such as Parklands. Averagely, a three or
four-bedroom apartment falls between 118, 600 USD and 160500 USD. With a great payment
plan, low-interest rates, and great rental income, achieving incredible investment value is easy.
With a 3 or 4-bedroom apartment in Parklands, you can earn up to 770 USD as a monthly rental

Passive income & property pricing

This is a great form of having a passive income which means you do not have to actively work to
earn it.
Consistent and stable cashflows are what you pocket when all the bills are paid at the end of
the month. These funds can be re-invested to fuel your growth or used to cut back on your day
job and spend more time with your family or working on projects that matter to you.
Such opportunities allow you to enjoy the benefits of rental income while still having time to
pursue other activities, such as your career or hobbies.
Another perk to this is that it’s a great opportunity to diversify an investment portfolio.
Diversification is able to help one mitigate the risks associated with market volatility. Most
importantly, diversification can also help you protect your wealth.
Finally, you can always leverage rental income through rental appreciation. Rent Appreciation is
the amount your rental rate increases on an annual basis. If you raise rent a reasonable 2%
annually for 10 years, your income (before expenses) goes up over 20%.
If you are looking to gain the most from real estate investments, we encourage you to consider
our projects Utopia and Skyway. We assure you that our projects are one of a kind and will
definitely help you have a high return on investment.