Real Estate values Nairobi

The real estate values in Nairobi are things many home buyers and investors ponder. So, we are
going to look at the various factors that affect a property’s value. Additionally, these factors
should be some of the considerations to look out for when purchasing real estate properties.
Factors that Affect Real Estate Values
The real estate values in Nairobi are mainly dependent on space. The more room a property
has, the higher in value it will be. In Kenya, a property that is a one-bedroom or two-bedroom
will always vary in price from a three-bedroom or four-bedroom or more.
Real estate’s value in Nairobi is also affected by the condition of a property. Improving a
property, through doing major structural modeling, can increase its value in a relatively short
amount of time.
Whenever you bring different locations into the mix of properties, it is most definite that their
value will be affected. In Nairobi, areas such as Parklands, Westlands, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, etc
are more desirable and valuable than others. Furthermore, many of these locations are nearby
highly-rated international schools. They also have great transportation links, that drive up the
values of properties.
However, even when such factors affect the value of properties, depending on the
circumstances, some people may also be involved in the process at some point.
People & prices for properties
Firstly, Informed buyers do their research and analysis, and reach their conclusions on the fair
price for properties. Whenever they reach out to a real estate agent, they use this information
to get a quality property that matches the right value.
This, however, does not mean that a real estate agent doesn’t know the market inside and out.
Many agents are good at knowing the likely value of a property. So, when an agent gives you a
valuation, they have done their homework to determine whether the price you offer is a
correct and fair price for the market.
With all these factors in mind, we can conclude by saying Real Estate in Nairobi is worthy and
valuable for investments. The earlier you begin your journey, the better it gets. At Alif Homes,
we would love to be part of your journey. Contact us today to own great investment properties.