Rental real estate can be a good source of retirement income. There is flexibility in selling rental
property. Additionally, value appreciation in rental property is important. This is so because
there is always viable potential in the real estate market.

Having a good source of income during retirement

One of the main attractions is that rental property, especially in retirement, is that it can provide a source of passive income. It
can be rewarding to be able to confidently manage and make decisions concerning the property
you own.
In order to better ensure that being a landlord is more likely to be profitable for you, always
factor in all expenses. This enables you to estimate possible cash flows. Furthermore, it is
essential to assess whether there is a likelihood of being able to make a consistent income on
the property before purchasing.

The bargains and returns for your retirement

Renting out rental property enables one to hold onto a property in case it appreciates. This
gives the opportunity to sell when the time is right. The amount of appreciation varies by the
market. Therefore, estimating the appreciation potential of different cities and neighborhoods
to see what you can expect is key.

Why is a good location important?

Location can often impact the quality of tenants, and eventually the possible revenue. A great
tenant is willing to pay more and overlook less desirable aspects of the rental unit if the
property is in a great neighborhood. Provisions of quality schools and neighborhoods, and
accessibility to grocery stores and parks, are key features that attract great tenants.

What should look out to earn?

Owning rental property allows you to diversify investments, which can serve as an added layer
of protection against risk. Rental property potentially helps in taking advantage of positive
market swings. This can eventually be financially rewarding and have numerous tax benefits,
including the ability to deduct insurance, the interest on your deposit, and maintenance costs.