Gated Residences in Kenya

There has been a recurring rise in gated community residences in Kenya today. It is important
we understand the rampancy of these types of properties. Here are a few factors why gated
residences are preferred by many Kenyans today.
Sense of Security
The issue of security is amongst the many factors Kenyans are concerned about. As families
grow, many parents hope that they and their children do not have to worry about their safety.
This is among the reasons why many developers have invested heavily in the security of their
properties. Many gated residences in Kenya today come with high-quality locks on doors and
windows that are hard to interfere with.
Additionally, they are accompanied by numerous security cameras and alarm systems. The

greatest perk of gated residences is that they are always accompanied by security personnel on-
site. This means that access points of the property are always controlled and surveilled.

Gated residences are known to be accompanied by great amenities that enhance the living
experiences of residences. As a result, these properties have continuously been in demand by
many Kenyans. Most of these properties come with maintained common areas such as
playgrounds, swimming pools, fitness centers, and lounges meant to relax in or host.
Moreover, some of them are accompanied by sports facilities such as a golfing area.

A sense of community is one of the many things residents experience while living in a gated
community. The exclusivity and privacy in such properties mean that there is a shared use of
common areas. This leads to an instant result of interaction, gathering, and socialization.
Property value
Properties are highly valued because of their added benefits of exclusivity and privacy.
Additionally, their unique feature amenities increase their perceived value as it’s not common in
other types of properties. A resounding perk is that they are commonly placed in good location
points which is one of the key factors Kenyans have grown demand for them.
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