Shift to Real Estate

The shift to real estate in Nairobi has been taken by many Kenyans as a way of investment. Stock
market and shareholding in companies have continually been unyielding ways of investment.
Many Kenyans have experienced many cases of fraud when using forms such as shareholding
and stock market.
As a result, the real estate market in Kenya today has flourished. This shift to real estate in
Nairobi has been so because of uncompromised reasons.
Firstly, real estate has continually and consistently made passive income to investors. This has
been through different ways. Amongst these are generation of income through long-term leases
of twelve months or more by tenants. Families or individuals tend to rent property for large
amounts of time. Which often ascertains the provision of passive income.

Additionally, an apartment can be rented to leisure travelers to make passive income. Short-
term vacation rentals can be listed in web portals to find renters. In fact, in comparison to a

long-term lease, short-term vacation rentals generate higher passive income.
Secondly, real estate comes with great property value growth. When a property is located in
desirable areas that are closer to schools or public transportation. A proximity to grocery stores,
shopping, and entertainment also adds to its value. When an area is safe and the crime rate is
low, this greatly adds to the value of a property. The size of the lot the home occupies comes
into play as well.
Unlike stocks, bonds, and shareholding, it can be easier to invest in real estate when there is
inflation. This is workable where as an investor you can increase your rental income as inflation
rises. However, this should be under the provisions of the governing law.
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