Transparency in Real Estate

Inclusivity or omission of transparency in real estate here in Nairobi has caused events of losing huge
amounts of money. Additionally, in cases where companies have failed to be transparent, business has
failed greatly.
Therefore, upholding honesty as a real estate agent or real estate firm is vital and necessary to clients.
There are various ways one can incorporate integrity and honesty in a business, and here is how;
Property Transparency
Providing transparent information on a property can greatly impact a buyer’s decision to purchase a
property. A real estate firm or real estate agent should always provide accurate information. This could
be on items such as project plans, legal documentation, and agreement information. Moreover,
transparency should also be included when it comes to giving up-to-date status of construction progress.
Pricing Transparency
From the beginning, the pricing of property should always be clear and straightforward. This really helps
buyers understand the true and real value of the property. Furthermore, honesty in pricing shuns doubts
in clients since they truly see the value in what they are getting and ultimately, pay the required price
Communication Accessibility
Whenever a firm or agent is honest and open about any challenges that may arise on a project, this
builds trust in clients. Additionally, continually giving status updates on transactions and always
responding to any arising questions from clients help build their trust.
Integrity and honesty are such great qualities in agents or firms. This is because it is exactly what
investors and homebuyers are looking for when buying property. Whenever a firm is honest, it greatly
differentiates it from its competitors. Buyers are more willing to purchase property which leads us to the
benefits of upholding transparency.
The most common benefit of transparency in real estate is that it increases sales. Clients are more likely
to make a property purchase if they trust it. Furthermore, transparency builds the reputation of the firm.
Upholding honesty and integrity shows a firm’s commitment to be accountable for their product or any
actions or goals.
At Alif Home, we always strive to be honest and true in all our projects and our clients are a testament to
this. Reach out to us if you’d like to own a great investment property in Nairobi.