Expat in Nairobi

Where do you as an expat in Nairobi? This might be the very question in mind if you are looking
to live in Nairobi as a foreigner.
Well, the answer to your question would be, Parklands, Westlands, Kitsuru, Kilimani, and
Kileleshwa. This is where expats live in Nairobi.
If you are moving to Kenya however, Kenyans are generally very friendly. They like foreigners.
Many Kenyans speak English. While those who don’t, understand it. Communication is often
seamless making a stay in Nairobi feel like a good safe place to call home.
At Alif Homes, we have an availability of 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments that you can rent in
Parklands is the right place to acquire a property because of various reasons. There are plenty
of shopping facilities that allow you to get quality groceries. Most supermarkets and restaurants
take credit cards. This makes the whole shopping process so much easier.
Consequently, Parklands has top-notch private and public facilities. They include Aga Khan
University Hospital, Avenue Hospital, and many others. You can access these facilities on any
given day or time. This residential area also has notable recreational facilities. This includes
Parklands Sports Club, Galitos, Pizza Inn, Chowpaty, and Diamond Plaza Food Court.
Crime rates in Parklands are very low. Therefore making it the safest area to live in or buy
property in. Most residential properties in the area employ security guards, making house
robberies and pedestrian attacks usually very minimal. Often, there is a reliable police station
where the policemen and women pursue the offenders and often catch them.
Additionally, Parklands as a high-rise location influences a higher rise in property value. The
proximity to amenities like shopping centers and hospitals often has higher values compared to
those in less desirable areas. Investing in a property by Alif Homes means that investing in a
prime location that can ensure a better resale value and potentially higher returns on
So why not move to Parklands? We can simplify your journey with our ongoing housing
projects, Utopia and Skyway. Let us make your journey as an expat in Nairobi easy and seamless.