Airbnb in Nairobi

Airbnb in Nairobi has changed the real estate industry in Kenya. Many people are opting to
buy a property and rent the property as an Airbnb. However, many people wonder if having a
property as an Airbnb permanently is beneficial. Additionally, many wonder if becoming an
Airbnb host is rewarding or hectic. Below are some key factors to know about Airbnb
investment in Kenya.
If you’re looking for passive income, a real estate investment may be a good option to consider.
A property is considered an Airbnb investment when either part or all of the property is rented
out on Airbnb after purchase. These rentals are typically short-term, which allows you to host
many guests throughout the year.
In 2021, the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) enacted new regulations on the registration
and licensing of Airbnb facilities in Kenya. The regulatory stated that the new regulations were
prompted by the dynamic and emerging traveler trends.
TRA is a state corporation established under section 4 of the Tourism Act No. 28 of 2011 with
the mandate to regulate all tourism activities and services in Kenya. This is achieved through
registration, licensing, and quality assurance audits of all tourism activities and services
provided countrywide.
For members to be successfully registered by the TRA and be issued a regulatory license, they
are required to make a one-off application fee of Kshs. 1,000/= and an annual license fee for
each unit owned together with A duly filled application form; The original deposit slip/advise
for the application & license fee (proof of payment); Tariff/rack rates; A copy of Title
Deed/Lease Agreement for the premises; Copies of ID’s/ passport if one is an individual and a
Certificate of Incorporation if one is a Company and A copy of the applicant’s PIN Certificate.
Inspection of the premises and confirmation that Airbnb has complied with the standards and
requirements is done before a license is issued. Similarly, a NEMA Licence over the premises

must be issued. A Single Business Permit is necessary since Airbnb is regarded as an income-
generating business. Moreover, Home Insurance insures the premises and all the belongings in

it against events such as damage, fire, theft, natural causes, or other losses.
At Alif Homes, we can guide you through your investments that way you earn from them and
are also in compliance with all the existing laws and regulations.