Service Charges

Service charges in real estate are the fees collected from occupants of a property to cover the
costs of managing and maintaining the shared spaces and facilities within that property. This is
typically incurred in residential properties or commercial properties in the real estate market.
The purpose of service charges is to ensure the upkeep, functionality, and enhancement of the
property, providing a pleasant and well-maintained environment for occupants.
Additionally, these charges vary depending on the services provided in a particular property.
Common service charges include the costs of regular maintenance, repairs, and replacements of
building systems, equipment, and common areas.
Another common service charge is for cleaning and housekeeping which caters to the cleaning
and upkeep of shared spaces, including lobbies, hallways, elevators, and restrooms.
The most probably common to many is the security service charge to cater to security
personnel, surveillance systems, or any other security measures. Additional service charges
costs are intended to cater to utilities, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.
Often, the service charge rates are usually outlined in lease agreements upon renting or on an
offer letter if purchasing a property. These charges in many cases match the quality of services
provided and rarely are they intended to exploit a tenant or potential buyer. However, when
properties offer luxurious amenities like swimming pools the service charges rates conditionally
This highlights the need to thoroughly consider and account for these costs when evaluating an
affordable property.
Service charges in real estate often align with the needs and expectations of all parties involved.
This means as a buyer or tenant you must make timely payments and property care improves
the quality of services rendered by the developer.
Additionally, the developer must heighten how fast or efficiently they respond to property
matters that need to be tended to. This means that there must be a good relationship between
these two parties.
At Alif Homes, we ensure we educate our property buyers and renters on the purpose and
importance of service charges in real estate before they even purchase a home with us.
This ensures that all parties are in agreement regarding the overall maintenance of the property
upon ownership or tenancy.
If you have questions regarding matters of service charges in real estate here in Nairobi, reach
out to us. We are readily here to assist you.