Increasing equity through residential property means having more money available to you. This
money can be used now or saved for the future. Investing in residential property can
build long-term wealth, sell your home for a higher price, or use the equity to your advantage.
In the case of a mortgage, you can build up more equity by paying it off faster. A Speed Up
Mortgage Repayment means building more equity. The quicker you pay it down, the more
equity you’ll have. Making extra payments towards your mortgage not only helps you save on
total interest paid, but it also lowers your interest rate.
Residential properties often increase in Value Over time. This is often due to the limited
availability of land, which tends to be appreciated. Other factors like housing supply and
demand, nearby property values, commercial development, and economic trends can also
contribute to your home’s appreciation. While waiting for these factors to work in your favor,
it’s important to maintain your property in good condition to avoid any decrease in value.
The more equity you have, the more money you’ll make from the sale. When you decide to sell
your home, the equity you’ve built can result in a higher profit. And if you decide to sell your
home, having more equity means making more profit.
In conclusion, increasing equity through residential property allows you to leverage your
property to access funds for other investments or financial needs.
We offer a range of projects, including Skyway and Utopia in Parklands along Githuri Road, that
not only help you build equity but also provide consistent, stable, and reliable cash flow.
Contact us for a detailed description of how you can own these properties.